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This guide provides details about Inspectify and Okta provisioning integration, including features, requirements, configuration, and troubleshooting.

Inspectify has the concept of "Team" which is a grouping of users generally all from the same company, with one or multiple administrator, sharing the same Inspection booking experience. Regular users of a team are able to see inspection booked on which they are a Stakeholder: Their account was selected by the person booking the inspection or their email was entered during booking.


In order to setup automatic provisioning for your team, you'll need:

Supported Features

Inspectify Integration with Okta Supports:


Regular user only

This process can only be done to sync regular user to Inspectify system. To become a Team administrator, it needs to be configured in Inspectify Account page on Inspectify website.


At this time, Inspectify does not support case-sensitive emails. Please ensure that your users' emails are case-insensitive.